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An expertly crafted website to showcase your academic work

  • Publish your academic work on your website with internationally accepted formats and standards
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  • Publish all associated resources, data, work history, comments, presentations and updates in the same place as your original research paper
  • Make sure your work will be cited properly without any mistakes or misspellings by creating single‑click‑copyable citation in plain‑text, BibTex, EndNote and XML formats
  • Increase likelihood of citations leading to a higher H‑Index.
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  • Find out how often a particular paper is cited, where and by whom, by simply clicking a "citation‑search" button
  • Open your work to comments from your colleagues and other academics in the same field
  • Let other researchers follow you and contribute to your work by giving them access to all or selected areas of your website
  • Showcase your academic work as well as other professional and personal interests
  • Display a diary for your public engagements and talks
  • Manage your teaching by connecting with your students
  • Sell your books or receive online payments for any other work

Easy to use

With a few clicks of a button you can create stunning pages with text, images, slide shows, audio and video.

Comes with great support

All packages include free training and on-going technical support. A "User Guide" is also provided.

Quick to set up

Your website can be live within 48 hours.

Offers total control over security

You can create pages for your private use, the general public or only certain users or user-groups.

Multilingual and multicultural

Create pages for different languages or replicate the whole website in other languages.

Transparently priced

Choose a structure that suits you and only pay for features and apps you need.


Prices start from £396 setup payment plus £96 annual hosting and support fee.
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8 reasons why academics should have their own website
Is joining academic networks such as Academia, ReseachGate or Mendeley enough for your online presence?
  • To create an official single central point of reference for all your academic work which is 100% under your own control and will stay that way as long as you want.
    Academic networks such as Academia, ReseachGate or Mendeley may be good to spread your message and attract traffic into your own website but they are designed to be general. They lack flexibility and the most important of all by putting information on their website - and nowhere else that is yours- you handing the control in their hands. Don't forget the number one internet rule: Create traffic INTO your own website not AWAY from it. It may feel like an account on those networks belongs to you but read the very long terms and conditions carefully and you will see that actually it belongs to them.
  • Publish not only your research work but also all the activities, stories, comments, audio-visual materials in one place.
    Again with the academic network sites you are pretty much limited to their structure and what sort and how they allow you place information. With your website from VisioSoft you will be able to place all the information in one place. They will be the main research paper as well as all the activities, stories, comments, videos and audio.
  • You decide on the structure, look and layout of it.
    Decide what pages you would like to create and their types (Multi article pages, static pages, research pages, etc) and also how you group them. For example you can create a 'Research' menu and put 'Work in Progress' and 'Published Papers' as a sub menu. You choose the best look and layout to represent you and change all these any time you would like
  • Promote your academic work as well as your other professional and personal work.
    You may be doing other professional work such as teaching, talks, seminars or you may write regular articles on your academic field or some personal views. Our website is designed to accommodate all these. Create stunning pages with text, images, video and audio. Open them to comments from selected visitors.
  • You decide who could access your website, to what pages and how.
    You can create pages for your private usage. For example while you are still working on a research you can create the page and keep it private. Once the research complete you can change the access to public.
  • Take control of your career development.
    A website of your own will represent you as a professional much better than any of the academic networks. It will grow and change with you and help others find you easily.
  • Take control of your online identity by having a single official reference point.
    Everyone has an online identity. Every time you logon to internet, send a message, enter a comment, buy something your online identity gets shape. By having an official website which ranks highest on search engines you take the control of your online identity from the others.
  • Extend the functionality.
    You can extend the functionality of your website, for example, you can sell your books or manage your public engagements or connect with your students and collegues. These are not possible with academic networking sites.
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