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VisioSoft's SchoolTrayTM
All-in-one web and mobile apps for your school and nursery

  • Showcase your school or nursery through an expertly crafted website
  • Create a mini-site for each class to share their work and achievements
  • Create online school diaries, class diaries and calendars that are always up-to-date
  • Go paperless and communicate electronically with parents, students, teachers and staff
  • Manage absence reporting, school trips, parents' evening slot booking and other admin tasks
  • Manage homework and provide students with an ICT practice platform
  • Create and manage educational resources including lesson plans and presentations
  • Take payments and sell school products and services online
  • Boost parental engagement with their child's education

Easy to use

With a few clicks of a button busy teachers and young students can create stunning pages with text, images, slide shows, audio and video.

Comes with great support

All packages include free training and on-going technical support.

Complies with Ofsted's website and communication requirements1
Includes iPhone and Android Apps

For tighter parent school student communication and instant messaging (IM)

Quick to set up

Your school's new website can be live within 48 hours.

Offers total control over security

You can create pages for the general public or only certain users or user-groups.

Multilingual and multicultural

Create pages for different languages or replicate the whole website in other languages.

Transparently priced

Choose a structure that suits you and only pay for features and apps you need.


  • We collect Ofsted inspectors' feedback on our school websites and implement these as Ofsted's requirements. Otherwise there is no official Ofsted website and communication requirement.

10 reasons why parents love SchoolTray
  • They stay informed.
    Parents get electronic newsletters, notices of school events, urgent updates and reminders instantly - no more notes lost in the bottom of school bags.
  • Stay in contact by text, email or instant app messages
    Parents can choose how they want the school to contact them - by email, SMS text, instant app messages or all of these at the same time.
  • They can be sure they're on time!
    Parents can view school calendars and tasks that have been privately assigned to them (trip approvals, forms, etc.) and receive auto-reminders for important deadlines.
  • They see what their kids are achieving.
    Parents can follow class activities, homework, assignments and the curriculum online as SchoolTray provides a mini-website for each class which are populated directly by the class teacher and can allow - praise and encouragement - comments from parents.
  • Report absences online,
    If a child is ill or off school for any reason, parents can report absence or request a leave-of-absence online with no need to phone the school.
  • Book parent's evenings online.
    Parents can book a parents' evening slot online and change the booking if necessary. If they can't attend for any reason, the meeting can be held online as a last resort.
  • No more permission slips.
    Parents can approve school-trips, use of computers, use of photos or anything else that needs permission all with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Pay online - no more searching for change.
    SchoolTray enables payment for school dinners or items such as uniforms from the school shop online.
  • They're part of the school community.
    SchoolTray offers a mini-website for Parents Associations to promote their activities. Parents can also volunteer help through the website or app.
  • Sell their products or services to other parents.
    If parents have a product or service they want to offer to the school community, they can advertise it and sell it through the Parents' Marketplace.

10 reasons why teachers love SchoolTray
  • They can showcase class work they're proud of.
    With SchoolTray, each class has its own mini-website that teachers and students can update quickly and easily with text, images, video and audio.
  • Preparation is so much easier.
    Teachers can save time with the SchoolTray educational resource management system. Store, share and access resources such as lesson plans and flipcharts from anywhere.
  • Keep parents informed.
    It's crucial for a school to show evidence of learning, and teachers can do this on secure pages shared with parents to keep them informed of a child's progress.
  • Contact with parents is easy and instant.
    Contact parents individually, as a class or a customised group using the SchoolTray messaging system. No more lost letters or permission slips.
  • Ditch the paperwork.
    SchoolTray minimises paper administration because documents can be stored and dealt with online. Teachers can invite and notify parents with a click of a button.
  • No more fiddly cash-handling.
    SchoolTray allows managing cash directly. Parents can pay online for school dinners, trips, uniform, special events or donations.
  • Makes parents' evening a doddle.
    Minimise parents' evening administration by allowing online slot booking whilst retaining full control over the timetable.
  • Reward great work.
    Use SchoolTray to reward and track your students' best work and publicise it to parents using the Student Awarding app.
  • Keep homework under control.
    Manage homework online, assigning it to pupils and alerting parents so they can support their children and keep track of their work.
  • Get parents directly involved.
    Create educational activity pages that parents can leave comments to praise and encourage their children.

10 reasons why school office staff love SchoolTray
  • Update from anywhere.
    You can access your school website from anywhere with internet access to update, add events or send messages.
  • Website upkeep is everyone's responsibility.
    Our multi-user system means user groups or individuals can be given authority to update their own pages. With lots of updates your websites will be more lively, interesting and actively used.
  • It's secure.
    Security is embedded throughout SchoolTray and you can manage exactly who has access to view or edit pages.
  • Improves communication.
    Urgent messages can be sent to parents or teachers by e-mail, SMS text or instant app messaging and you can create page-over-message-boxes on the website so nobody will miss your message.
  • Saves the school money.
    SchoolTray means less paperwork - all admin, permissions and financial transactions with parents can be made paperless, saving the school cash.
  • Saves the school time.
    You won't have to waste your working day taking calls about child absence or dealing with parental paperwork - SchoolTray does it all online.
  • Fulfils Ofsted requirements.
    Our user-friendly SchoolTray websites are constantly updated in all our schools, fulfilling Ofsted's requirements and recommendations.
  • Saves on admin.
    No more worrying about the right change in the cash box - parents and carers can pay online for dinners, school trips, uniform, special events or donations.
  • Easy medication management.
    Manage sell-by-dates for medication held at school including inhalers and epipens and send automatic reminders directly to parents.
  • Great value for money.
    SchoolTray is more than just a website, it's a complete management system that take the headache out of admin and contributes to the school community.

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